steel casting

Casting is a manufacturing step in which a fluid material is generally poured into a form, which contains an empty hole of the ideal shape, and afterward permitted to set. The solidified part is called casting.

  • melting of metal in furnace or crucible pouring molten metal into a mold formed by the pattern.
  • solidification of molten metal in the cavity
  • removal of cast product after solidification

Investment casting

Investment casting is the earliest manufacturing process utilized for metals that are hard to be machined or manufactured. It is also utilized for the production of parts that can’t be shaped by normal manufacturing methods like turbine cutting edges or parts of planes that are exposed to high temperatures. This interaction gives an excellent dimensional accuracy and surface completion. The model is made of wax or other substance that is softened, leaving behind a cavity that is filled with the material of the part being created.

Sand casting

Sand casting is typically utilized for the creation of enormous parts, by filling a liquid metal into the mold pit that has been molded from normal or manufactured sand. The pit is made by the use of a pattern, normally made of wood or metal that is of similar shape and measurements as the real part. The pattern is arranged somewhat oversize because of which the pit is also a bit bigger and makes up for the contraction of liquid metal during cooling. The outer layer of the sand castings is typically rough with surface impurities for which a machining allowance is incorporated.

Die casting

Die casting is one of the major metalworking tasks for metal castings. It is worked by driving liquid metal under high pressure into a die cavity. As a rule, aluminum pressure die casting molds are firstly clarity machined to net shape or near-net shape of completed die-cast parts. The material of such shape for die-cast casting is solidified tool steel. creating die casting molds will permit items to be made with the best accuracy. Furthermore, the die casting interaction will also create fine details like finished surfaces or names without requiring further processing.

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