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All About Hot Forging Process

Forging is a manufacturing procedure that involves the formation of metal by hammering, pressing or rolling. A hammer or a punch will apply these compressive forces. Forging is generally categorized by the temperature at which it is processed: warm, hot or cold forging.

Hot forging is a metal shaping procedure in which a piece of malleable metal, known as a workpiece, is machined into a given shape by one or more operations such as hammering, upsetting and pressing where it is heated up to 75% of its melting temperature.

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The process temperature depends on the type of metal. The process begins with heating the dies to avoid temperature drops during the process. Also, to prevent crystallization before the formation is complete. When heated, the metal becomes more ductile. The structure changes to finer particles when the die pressure pushes the hot metal. This results in improved yield strength and extensibility. Explore Supply Chain Management Company 

The factors to consider during process are:


The process is complete when the metal has cooled to a temperature below the minimum threshold. If this happens before the final shaping, the metal will have to be reheated.


The dimensional tolerances of hot forging are less accurate than those of cold forging.


According to the customer’s specifications, personalization of hot forging dies is done.

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