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Many forging methods need to apply heat to the base metal. While there are a range of cold forging methods available. Some of the cold forging methods include cold drawing, cold heading, bending, coining and extrusion. We use these methods to produce a good range of components and products in variable designs.

While comparing hot forging and cold forging methods, the latter produces pieces with tight tolerance aspects and great surface finish quality. They do not have the need for heat treatment or a lot of pricey materials. The automotive business usually uses cold forging to manufacture parts with uncommon or advanced geometries. For example, steering and suspension components, braking components, axles, clutches, gears and pinions.

Cost Efficiency in Cold Forging Process

Cost efficiency in cold forging methods begins with the resources. Also, generally, they’re directly purchased with an included hardening and a peeling that makes the slugs set for the next process. Since the quantity of resources is small, they are costlier. To reduce manufacturing costs, cold heading wire is most popular for tiny pieces.

Management with a wonderful ability of all concerned techniques of the manufacturing process is the key to gaining the best cost potency. For example, giant batches of cold extruded parts are factory-made on high-speed mechanical presses. However, the advanced parts and tiny series are rather made on a hydraulic press.

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A low-cost lubrication system is of vital importance for the thriving application of any cold-forged part. All pieces should bear a zinc-phosphate or compound coating. The multi-station presses need extra lubrication with special forging oil. A decent lubrication framework assures the high quality of the final piece and discards extra prices for further failures during the process. 

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