Each metal has distinctive properties and reactions while being forged or heated through the use of certain methods. Due to those differences, the producers will specialize their forging process with certain specific metals, consisting of aluminum, titanium or steel.

Below listed are the Different Metals Used For Forging Process:


Aluminum is the lightest and the most ideal metal for making light parts. It has a good corrosion resistance. This is the reason for using aluminum in tough environments, consisting of the ones established in aerospace applications. Aluminum forgings are tough and their strength to weight proportion is high. This implies that in spite of being lightweight, they are solid and tough. Also, it has good stability at decreased temperatures.


Titanium is a light-weight metal with great power. It gives advanced resistances to corrosion and higher temperatures. Still, the machine administrator should closely look after the temperatures to guarantee the metal gains its mechanical properties. In any case, wrong temperature levels can damage the finished result.

Carbon Steel:

For forging process, carbon steel is one of the least costly metals. It contains a higher range of carbon in it. This offers an increased level of strength compared to regular steels. Producers mix it with alloys to make parts for applications that use low working temperatures and require low strength levels.

Alloy Steel:

Alloy steel is added in steel parts. It adds and improves the expected properties. Hence, the use of alloys expands the general metal strength and durability. Also, the forged steel becomes resistant to erosion. It keeps a vital degree of strength in higher temperatures. The decision of the alloy depends on the item you need to dispatch.

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Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel has fantastic corrosion resistance, heat resistance, power and durability. All of those properties get stronger while it undergoes a forging process.

At Panna Metal Technology, different metals used for forging process are: Aluminum, Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Structural Steel, Copper and more. Hence, we produce superior products to meet all the requirements of our customers. Contact us today and ask for a quote.

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