Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

A large range of businesses can profit from die casting because of its proficient method of manufacturing complex parts. Die casting permits you the capacity to produce a wide variety of parts, with productivity and accuracy. General die casting methods incorporate high pressure die casting (HPDC) and low pressure die casting (LPDC). Hence, while picking a method of production to meet your requirements, you should be keep in mind the various abilities and limitations of high-pressure and low-pressure die-casting methods.

High-Pressure Method (HPDC):

HPDC are produced when liquid metal is filled into a die. The liquid metal is horizontally infused. It is made by two machine plates on either side that lock together to make a shape in the center. The liquid metal is pushed through the chamber with a cylinder at rapid speed and high pressure to fill the die. When the metal has set, the die is opened and the casting is removed. It is done in soft alloys like zinc and aluminum.


  • Short casting cycles
  • Useful for thin walled parts
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Useful for automation


  • Complex and costly dies 
  • Lower strength 
  • Die-cast weight restricted by the locking power of the machine 

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Low-Pressure Method (LPDC) :

LPDC happens when the liquid metal gradually infuses into the die through a tube in a holding heater. As the metal cools, the shrinking cavities should be filled with liquid metal. Contrasted with HPDC, in LPDC, metal can be vertically filled into the die. It generally utilizes alloys with low melting points.


  • Great strength values
  • No complex machines and die innovation 
  • High material use 
  • No feeders required 
  • Appropriate for automation
  • High dimensional precision 


  • Slow casting cycles 
  • Less useful for thin walled parts

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