Die Casting

Die casting is an assembling and manufacturing process that can manufacture geometrically complex metal pieces through the use of recyclable and reusable molds, called dies. It is a metal casting process which casts non-ferrous alloys into molds at high pressure and high speed to produce molded products. From locks-gears to general engineering castings, we produce all the die-casting products. Although this process is versatile in nature and produces many products, it offers both pros and cons. 


  1. It is suitable for mass production:
    Since die-casting parts are made from a die-casting mold, they can be obtained with a certain tolerance and shape. With little or no machining required, thousands of identical castings can be manufactured before additional tools are needed. Therefore, it is very easy to start mass production.

  2. Offers a variety of surface textures:
    Cast parts can have many finishing techniques and surfaces. In this process, you can produce smooth or textured parts.

  3. Economical:
    In other types of casting processes, casting is often machine-finished. These secondary operations can be time-consuming and tedious. Die casting provides durable and dimensionally stable cast parts in a particular shape, requiring no or less machining. Hence, it is economical in nature.


  1. Inapplicable for small batch production:
    In general, casting is expensive and complex, so it is advisable only for large group production. So, it is not a practical and economical option for small-scale production.

  2. When the melting point is high, there is low die life:
    Some metals used to process cast parts have a high melting point. There is
    also a wide range of requirements to withstand thermal strain. At the same time, the life of these molds is short.

  3. Larger capital investment:
    The required casting machines dies, and other equipment are very expensive when compared to most other casting processes. As a result, large group production is essential to make casting an economical process.

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