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Panna Metal Technology is a famous Forging Foundry. Forging is a method of shaping metal in which a pliable metal component, often referred to as a blank, billet, or workpiece, is forged into a specific shape using one or more techniques like hammering, upsetting, pressing, rolling, and many more.

 This technique uses tools and equipment to distort metal into a desired shape using hot, cold, or warm forging processes. The metal and intended shape of the finished product are factors in deciding which procedure to use. 

Why Hot Forging?

When metal is hot forged, it becomes stronger than when it is cast or machined. In order to produce products with outstanding mechanical qualities while reducing material waste, the hot forging technique has a specific place. Here we mention some features of hot forging. 

  • The workpiece’s high ductility enables it to be forged into a variety of shapes.
  • Forging, especially with steel, is a quicker and more efficient operation.
  • After hot forging, a variety of surface finishes, including polishing, are possible.
  • Recrystallization counteracts any strain-hardening effects that may have occurred during the forging process.

Beneficial Features of The Hot Forging Method 

The ability to easily produce discrete pieces, low to medium accuracy, scale formation on the metal, low metal stress levels with lower work hardening temperatures, grain homogenization, higher ductility levels, and the elimination of chemical inconsistencies in the metal are just a few of the special effects of hot forging.

Benefits of Hot Forging 

  • Metal produced by forging is more durable than cast or machined metal. This is a result of the grain flow brought on by forging.
  • High temperatures are used during the forging process, making the plastic metal malleable and easy to mold. 
  • In contrast to cold forging, which can be quite challenging, hot forging makes it possible to forge intricate shapes and designs.

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