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Green Sand Casting

In a green sand casting process that uses sand as a main molding material. Due to the generally available and inexpensive raw materials, versatility in terms of shape, size, and composition, and the potential for reusing the molding sand, green sand casting continues to be one of the most adaptable casting techniques. In metal casting […]

Forging Process, Forging Foundry

Forging Foundry

Panna Metal Technology is a famous Forging Foundry. Forging is a method of shaping metal in which a pliable metal component, often referred to as a blank, billet, or workpiece, is forged into a specific shape using one or more techniques like hammering, upsetting, pressing, rolling, and many more.  This technique uses tools and equipment […]

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All about Steel Casting, the Benefits of Steel Casting over Steel Forging, Cast steel’s properties

Table of Contents1 Steel Casting2 Why Steel Casting?3 Benefits of Steel Casting over Steel Forging4 Design flexibility5 Metallurgical versatility6 Reliability & economic benefits7 Weight flexibility8 Cast steel’s properties8.1 Chemical Composition of Cast Steel9 FAQ For Steel Casting10 Conclusion Steel Casting Steel casting is a specific type of casting which uses various types of steel. Alloy […]

steel casting

Steel Casting Process

A steel casting is a metal part that is made by pouring molten steel into a mold cavity. The steel casting process can be hard. It’s more responsive to cast components and less fluid than the rest of the metals. So, for ideal finished parts, only the steel casting manufacturers or specialists should run the […]

sand casting patterns

Various types of Sand Casting Patterns

For sand casting methods, casting patterns are delivered by the intricacy of required finished parts and the number of parts to be produced. Below are some of the various types of Sand Casting Patterns: Table of Contents1 Solid Pattern:2 Gated Pattern:3 Split Pattern:4 Cope-Drag Pattern:  Solid Pattern: A solid pattern is the most fundamental of […]


Differences between Investment Casting and Sand Casting

Investment Casting: What precisely is the investment in “investment” casting? The expression “invested” generally conveys the meaning of “dressed” or “encompassed.” Investment casting utilizes a shell made of ceramic, mortar or plastic that is formed around a wax design. The wax design is dissolved and removed in a heater and metal is filled in the […]

Die Casting

Die Casting Process: Pros And Cons

Die casting is an assembling and manufacturing process that can manufacture geometrically complex metal pieces through the use of recyclable and reusable molds, called dies. It is a metal casting process which casts non-ferrous alloys into molds at high pressure and high speed to produce molded products. From locks-gears to general engineering castings, we produce […]

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