Aluminium Pressure Die Casting

What is High pressure and Low pressure Die Casting?

A large range of businesses can profit from die casting because of its proficient method of manufacturing complex parts. Die casting permits you the capacity to produce a wide variety of parts, with productivity and accuracy. General die-casting methods incorporate high-pressure die casting (HPDC) and low-pressure die casting (LPDC). Hence, while picking a method of […]

Forging Process, Forging Foundry

Different Metals Used For Forging Process

Each metal has distinctive properties and reactions while being forged or heated through the use of certain methods. Due to those differences, the producers will specialize their forging process with certain specific metals, consisting of aluminum, titanium or steel. Below listed are the Different Metals Used For Forging Process: Table of Contents1 Aluminum:2 Titanium:3 Carbon […]

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Hot Forging Process V/S Cold Forging Process

The cold forging process will increase the strength of a steel via pressure hardening at a room temperature. While the hot forging process keeps materials from strain setting at high temperature. It brings higher yield strength, low hardness and high flexibility.  Hot forging is the most ideal decision for steel forgings utilized in specialized applications. […]

hot forging process

Hot Forging Process: Meaning & Factors

Table of Contents1 All About Hot Forging Process2 Cooling:3 Tolerance: 4 Dies:  All About Hot Forging Process Forging is a manufacturing procedure that involves the formation of metal by hammering, pressing or rolling. A hammer or a punch will apply these compressive forces. Forging is generally categorized by the temperature at which it is processed: warm, […]

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What is Die Casting? & It’s process

Table of Contents1 Die Casting:2 Process Types Of Die Casting2.1 High dependability:2.2 Flexible Plan:2.3 Minimal assembly: 2.4 High classification Die Casting: Die Casting is a metal casting process that is described by forcing liquid metal under high pressure into a mold pit. The mold pit is created utilizing two solidify tool steel dies. Which has […]

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Various Types of Forging Operations

Table of Contents1 Forging:2 Upsetting3 Drawing4 Fullering5 Edging6 Bending7 Punching8 Forged Welding9 Cutting Forging: Forging is a construction process in which the shape of a heated metal changes by applying outside power. Heated metal is utilized in forgings since it is much simpler to reshape heated material contrasted with colder ones. Below are the steps […]

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